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Recoding date June 4-5, 2011
Edited by Original CV
Produced by FTG

On August 17, 1336, Shogun 'Takauji Ashikaga' wrote his wish to a letter and put it to Kiyomizudera temple. The first sentence of it was as follows;
"This world is like a dream. "

When 675 years had passed, on June 4, 2011, 13 people gathered in the Kikusui brewery of Noshiro City , Akita Prefecture. They included two people from Seattle, and a 4-months-old baby.

Well, what happened here?

The Kamutachi festival is held in front of the owned tunnel in the Kikusui brewery on Saturday on the first week of June every year. This is the one to the customer like the Thanksgiving.
Here, it is possible to treat to one glass of sake named 'Syukondei-Noshiro' of 1000 dollars.
That is, go 1000 km for a glass of 1000 dollars sake.

After the Kamutachi festival, we went to Tenyoh liquor shop by Mr. Asano who was the preacher of Akita local sake. Because he sells nothing but Akita local sake. Off course, his shop doesn't have wine or beer.

We tasted many glasses of different type sake under Mr. Asano's service. If nobody bought any sake in this shop....?

Finally, we came to the guest house "Kawadoko Beraboh" at the side of Yoneshiro river. It settles down by the abundant use of the Akita Japan cedar, and there is a Japanese cypress bath, too. And, needless to say, we enjoyed the delicious dishes while drinking Akita local sake.

Well, this trip was so tough. The person who doesn't have physical strength must not take side.

Participants two years ago are four people, and seven people last year, and 13 people this year. How many people will gather next year?

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